GROW smaller

An alternative strategy for Enterprising in the Netherlands?

Does your company distinguish itself by governance through technological expertise?

With this method, the strategic aspects remain undiscussed and untapped.

This one-sided governance has therefore an (unintended) negative effect on your long-term continuity.

Two characteristics of an organization driven by technological expertise:
1. You are busy day-in / day-out filling in Customer Requirements (short-term).
2. You often promote the Unique Selling Points (USPs) without checking them with customers.
In other words, the Anglo-Saxon model

Silently (and unintentionally) a business model has glided in, that focuses on revenue growth (short-term). You assume that this "GROWTH" automatically has a positive effect on profitability and long-term continuity.

With this method the TIME is not taken to record the daily day-in / day-out event from a distance. Reflections for the future (long-term continuity) are therefore missing.

Our advice: reorientation from Anglo-Saxon to the Rhineland model

The Rhineland model
> An entrepreneur who analyses what your contributions actually deliver to customers.
> An entrepreneur who knows why customers buy (UBPs: Unique Buying Points). The entrepreneur uses the UBP's in the marketing and pricing strategy.
> An entrepreneur who maintains regular contact with the management of their clients. With the aim of; listen to their strategy that will apply in the coming years.
   This entrepreneur then carefully considers whether this strategy also fits in with his own strategy.

In short, a focus on the quality of sales, margins and type of customers. This can also deliver GROWTH. Growth that often has more positive effects for your long-term continuity.

This is also referred to as SMALLER GROWTH by Dutch Business Partners.

GROW smaller, with a BIG effect on profitability and long-term continuity

A structured approach can lead to:
> Focus
> Insight into earnings
> Cost control
> Substantial investments
> Strengthening competitiveness
> Simple (management)structure
> Less dependence on growth!

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