New ways of doing business in India

In recent decades much has changed in doing business with India throughout Europe.

Until recently it was only possible to set up a business in India if an Indian partner was involved.

doingbusinessinindiaThis involvement of an Indian partner is no longer a requirement at this moment. Although, having the right network of business partners and relationships is still a condition for being successful in India.

Another change is that there are new ways of doing business directly with Indian organisations and buyers. This is without setting up your own branch on the ‘continent’ India.

In the usual revenue models, import duties often remain a bottleneck. Our experience is that these levies are hardly compensated by setting up a local (production) location in India. The investments, management and associated administrative burdens are high. If the margin of the products and/or services you deliver is not high, our advice is: do not start this route and use new roads of doing business.

Dutch Business Partners has already successfully followed these new paths many times. This by using the network of business partners that we have built up in sectors like: prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, foundries, design, solar energy, water.

The result; our customers are relieved of all facets of doing business in and with India.

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