Structural solutions to generate Engineering Capacity

Dutch Business Partners (DBP) is specialist in matchmaking, outsourcing, training and co-partnerships in the field of Engineering Services.

Thanks to our worldwide network and experiences we created over the last decennia. Based on your needs, we are able to support you with the structural outsourcing of your engineering activities.

If desired, we can also organise a co-partnership. Creating the right match and guidance is the starting point in order to achieve the best in class.

matchmaking DBP   DBP Office Ahmedabad India   DBP office Venray the Netherlands

Dutch Business Partners organized several Training Workshops to learn Indian Engineers the skills and qualities needed to succeed with the ‘Way of Work’ of the particular European client. These trainings were in India, as well as in-company in Europe. This is a proven method to support these Engineers with understanding the work-culture as well as the particular design rules and needs of their European managers.

DBP engineering services

Engineering services, our experiences and realized facilities:

  • Multi CAD skill resource pool of > 50 engineers
  • Multi shift operations = lead-time reduction
  • Shared PLM
  • CAD VDI tool
  • High security data protection and confidentiality
  • Efficient hardware and software
  • Dedicated server for customer data auto updates
  • Secured ftp server for faster data transfer

Software Tools:


Autodesk Inventor   
Autodesk inventor

Solid Works  
Solid Works

Unigraphic NX  
Unigraphic NX

Autodesk FDS 
Autodesk FDS


SAP Visual Enterprise Author

Top Solid

Arbortext Isodraw CAD process  
Arbortext Isodraw CAD process

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