Focus more with modern technologies

The Power of doing less to achieve more

Modern technology being used for practical purposes has opened our eyes to many things; it made us aware that something is different from the way that we thought it was. These modern technologies make it simultaneously easier and more difficult to become focused and productive.

focus with modern technologies 1We do have all the systems and devices we need to handle increasingly complex tasks. Think of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Tracking and Tracing Devices, Messaging Applications and Video Conference Systems. To work efficiently, however, you need to make choices at any time of the day.

focus with modern technologies 2More and more of our customers work with new modern technologies. These methods represent the organization and positioning of technology in such a productive way, that one is ready for quick action.

Consider for example a change in the method of consultation and decision making. Instead of following a traditional process of reaching decisions: always make a proposal yourself, let your colleagues respond during a consultation meeting, and decide on basis of ‘no objection’.

An important condition regarding this method: technology is used to provide clarity and generate a substantiated proposal, but participants must not be distracted by any technology during the consultation process of reaching decisions. Thus, no telephones on the table. In order to prevent that the moment of decision is delayed, not everyone necessarily need to agree with the proposal. If it is safe enough to try, the proposer gets a ‘green light’ to proceed. The result; an organisation is able to decide quickly and definitely what to do.

focus with modern technologies 3A good way to achieve more focus is by working the other way round. Start with describing the end goal in a clear way, followed by setting sub goals that will lead to the end goal. Climb the ‘mountain’ step by step and set smart sub goals that can be achieved quickly. However, never lose sight of the ultimate goal. If you are aware of the end goal, analyse what is really needed to reach the first sub goal. Plan the first action immediately so that you can take more and more steps. Set priorities and focus on what is really important.

And... don't forget to regularly consider your own actions and technology deployment in relation to the final result.
Self reflection helps to make adjustments where necessary and to keep course. The result: more concentration, more efficiency and a positive influence on the organisation’ energy level.

Clear your mind, remove all unnecessary things and focus on the goals to be successful. In this way, attention is divided on matters of added value.

Dutch business Partners can help to set these goals and if desired, also support with the implementation.

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