Talent Strategy

Why active listening will help you understand how to engage and keep talent on board.

Ask an organisation what their main challenge is and within moments, the conversation is about finding and retaining talent. Especially talent with a technical background.

And most of the times general belief is that talent goes off to study elsewhere, then starts working elsewhere and doesn’t return to their birth town. Oh, and the other regions are just magnets for talent(s).


talent strategie DBP 2

But what is it that makes someone a talented person?

Asking and answering this question the challenge lies within the organisation itself.

Talent requires a surrounding that allows them to be talented, to stay a talented person. So, how appealing are you as an organisation to real talented persons? How much guts do individuals within your organisation possess to allow talented people to stay talented people? Also when perceived threatening to their own individual accomplishments.

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Correct, the challenge is in understanding talent. Engage (potential) talented people in an open discussion. Better not think for them. Listen actively to talented people!

Dutch Business Partners can help you get a different perspective on your organisation. And, if desired, also support you with the implementation of talent management.


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