Water tanks for the fish farming

Dutch Business Partners(DBP) successfully supported with market research and practical advice the development of the Fish Farm concept of Water Systems Manufacturer, a Dutch company.

General Information

Approximately one third of all fish farms in the world are natural, which means that most fish is cultivated under controlled circumstances. This is a recent development, because the cost of fishing in open water is growing. The problem of overfishing leads to damage to the natural fish environment and to high costs for fish products. Technically we have the possibility to control fish production and fish cultivation with a proper balance between operating costs and market returns. Water Systems Manufacturer (WSM) provides a.o. water tanks for these fish farms.


Aquaculture is the catch all name for growing salt or sweet water fish, shell fish and other organisms living in water, like algae and samphire. Aquaculture is split up in two different kind of systems: open systems and closed systems. The open systems are connected to natural water bodies such as fish farming in cages or shell fish farms. However this leads to damage to the natural environment and water pollution. Closed systems are not directly connected to natural waterbodies. These closed systems are fish farms made up of tanks, basins and/or ponds. A much used system is fish farms that use recirculation systems, where water is reused after purification.

Recirculation systems for fish cultivation

One form of closed systems are recirculation systems. In this form of fish farming the temperature, water usage, water quality and nutrition systems can be monitored and optimised. In purification systems the produced waste products are removed, so that water can be reused. Because of this purification fertiliser problems are less common. The ecological dangers of fish farming with recirculation systems is very limited. Moreover, the use of these systems leads to high quality fish and thus to better returns .

Water tanks for fish farming

While the initial investments for traditional concrete fish tanks are low, the construction time and quality depend on local expertise and presence on quality raw materials. Plastic tanks have been limited in size, and ill-suited for outdoor use and difficult to transport. WSM developed an open water tank for the fish farming based on corrugated steel plates combined with a liner. These fish farming tanks are easy to set up and maintain. These water tanks can be used to cultivate shrimp, tilapia, eel, trout, carp, salmon, etc.

Installation of fish tanks for aquaculture

Locally, the installation needs little material and tools to build a water tank for fish cultivation. This decreases the construction time of the tank. Furthermore, the operating costs are low because all activities take place above ground. The fish framing tanks have a depth of 1.59 or 2.35 metre. These water tanks are extremely well suited for use in Africa, Asia and South America.

Advantages of water tanks for fish farming

• Makes it easier to monitor the fish farm with a proper balance between operating costs, turnover and quality (less chance on viral infections).
• Less land needed compared to traditional systems.
• Eco-friendly
• Fast realisation of construction due to the unique packing concept.
• Long lifespan of the investment
• Maintenance friendly
• Modularly expandable
• DBP to your partner to support to realise your first class fish farm

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